Kiambu County embraces SAP-enabled digital platform

Kiambu County has taken the lead in the Government's digital transformation drive with the launch of a new digital platform. The Kiambu Digital Platform, an online citizen services portal has a robust back-end management system to support it. Governor William Kabogo said the new system would allow better revenue collection. "Our existing collection systems were consuming most of the revenue, leaving us with little to apply to much-needed development programmes. It is our duty as elected representatives to meet our citizens' needs for better living conditions, a lower unemployment rate, better infrastructure, and improved education and health services," he said. Kabogo disclosed that since implementing the new revenue collection solution, the county has freed up budget and resources that were tied to internal operations, leading to the county recording a 90 per cent growth in revenue collection for the financial year 2014-2015. Managing Director of SAP East Africa Andrew Waititu said Kiambu County's success is testament to the immense possibilities for positive transformation inherent in the Digital Economy. "Through a combination of our Business Intelligence and Data warehouse solutions, we are able to provide a real-time reporting interface delivered via a dashboard that can be accessed on desktop, iPad / tablet or mobile," he said.