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By Beauttah Omanga

The Office of the Prime Minister has lost two high profile aides who quit in a huff.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s media consultant Salim Lone departed soon after the Grand Coalition Government was formed.

His departure was unexpected but it was understood he wanted to be with his family in the US. His wife is American.

But even after leaving, sources say Mr Lone still enjoys access to the Prime Minister whenever he visits Kenya.

Next out of the door, was publisher-turned politician Tony Gachoka, who campaigned for ODM in the 2007 General Election.

Mr Gachoka, who was director of protocol, was suspended for allegedly undermining his superiors.

In a letter dated March 13, PS Mohamed Isakhakiah was quoted in a section of the media saying: "Your conduct continues to be disrespectful, malicious and amounts to insubordination intended to undermine the office of the PM".

Half pay

Gachoka was then ordered to remain at his station unless given permission by his bosses and his interdiction saw him earn half a salary for a while.

It later emerged Gachoka was on the wrong side of his colleagues after he reportedly wrote e-mails to Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Mr Isakhakia and four other senior officials, accusing the PS of inefficiency in running the office.

Isahakiah then accused Gachoka of skipping duty without permission, reporting to work late and at times committing the PM’s office to unauthorised expenditure.

Gachoka defended himself, saying the accusations were generalisations, and a scheme by his opponets to have him quit.

He is now a close associate of President Kibaki’s son Jimmy, with whom they recently launched a political outfit "Simama Kenya".