How to turn Sh1,000 into Sh1,000,000 with Safaricom

There's a chance to win up to Sh1,000,000. [iStockphoto]

For years, data bundles have been the most common way to access the internet in Kenya. At least once a day, a huge percentage of the country’s population will buy data bundles. It is estimated that the average 25 to 30-year-old Kenyan will use approximately 35GB of internet a month. Most Kenyans use bundles for social media and to stream movies and music.

Safaricom, the most used mobile service in the country, stands at the forefront of data bundle provision due to its fast and reliable connectivity. It has just launched the Gomoka na Go Monthly bundle promotion. This spells good news for not only individuals but also small and medium business enterprises who may not have the budget for a full business data plan; as the Go Monthly plans are a mix of enriched data, minutes, and All-in-One & Post-Pay, offering convenience and control to its customers.

There’s also a chance to win up to Sh1,000,000.

Three reasons you should sign up for the Gomoka na Go Monthly bundle

1. A chance to win Sh1,000,000 monthly

As part of the Gomoka na Go Monthly promotion, Safaricom will reward its customers with daily and monthly cash prizes, with a total prize pool of over Sh30 million. The prizes include data bundles; instant M-Pesa cash prizes ranging from Sh250 to Sh10,000. There will be a grand prize of Sh1,000,000 every month.

All you have to do is select the Spin and Win option after buying the monthly bundle to claim an instant straight-to-your-M-Pesa prize.

2. Good for business

As more business push their products and connect with their customer base via social media, they need bundle plans that will have no problem keeping up with the rigorous demands of a business. These include replying to customers, taking pictures of products and editing them, balancing their books, et cetera. For the newly opened Instagram thrift shop that may not have enough manpower or computer power to need a full business plan, this is a solid alternative that will save you money in the long run.

3. Affordable and convenient

The bundle plan is not limited to people with businesses. It is also very convenient for the average student in campus who keeps buying daily bundles to access social media; or the series lover who streams every episode.  It can also be used by more than one person via hotspot – the more the merrier!

How to sign up for the Go Monthly Bundle plan

To participate, customers need to purchase any monthly plan through either the USSD code *544# or the MySafaricom App.

Upon completing their purchase, customers will be prompted to click a link to the Safaricom App or website.

Here, they will have the opportunity to spin the wheel and win instant rewards.

The Go Monthly plan

This plan has options for either data bundles only, minutes alone or an all-in-one plan.

1) The All-in-One and Post-Pay revamped packages:

For Sh1,000, customers will now enjoy 8GB up from 5GB plus 400 minutes, 1,000 SMS and free WhatsApp;

For Sh2,000, get 17GB up from 15GB plus 1,000 minutes, 2,000 SMS and free WhatsApp;

With Sh3,000, get 27GB up from 25GB plus 1,500 minutes, 5,000 SMS and free WhatsApp

2) Monthly Data plans revamped packages:

The Sh1,000 package now offers 10GB up from 7GB plus free WhatsApp.

You will get 22GB up from 20GB plus free WhatsApp for only Sh2,000.

3) Monthly Minutes plans:

Sh500 for 300 minutes, 500 SMS

Sh1,000 for 800 minutes, 1000 SMS

Sh2,000 for 1,700 minutes, 5,000 SMS

Sh3,000 for 2,700 minutes, 5,000 SMS

Safaricom is committed to ensuring fast and reliable connectivity for all its customers as well as cushioning the subscribers and their businesses during tough economic times.

This article was written by Grace Gikonyo.