The impact of changing donor priorities on democracy and human rights in Kenya

The latest trends associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war have significantly impacted donor priorities in Europe and have direct consequences for recipients in the Global South. Now projects in countries like Kenya remain at risk of being underfunded or cancelled altogether.

ForumCiv Workshop with Partner Organizations in Kenya.

In Kenya, our interventions are centred around our strategic objectives which are; promoting accountable democratic culture and respect for human rights, promoting gender equality and equity mainstreaming, enhancing environmental protection and resilience to climate change, and protection of migrant's rights and empowering migrants as development actors.

The regional office in Kenya has been implementing the Wajibu Wetu Programme, the Inclusive Growth through Decent Work in the Great Rift Valley Project, popularly known as Public Private Development Partnership (PPDP), and a pilot SASA (Strengthen Agency for Social Accountability) programme.

SASA Programme Supported by the Hewlett Foundation.

Additionally, such organizations need to self-help themselves and invest in building resilient communities to reduce dependency on aid in the long run. This, however, cannot be done abruptly. Any swift change, such as that which is happening now, will not allow room for project sustainability.

There is need for a balance between rebuilding Ukraine and supporting development work in the Global South. This drastic shift and redirection of Official Development Assistance will have a catastrophic impact on the progress made thus far. It is necessary for development aid to be more predictable to avoid such negative impacts.

The continued support from donor countries will go a long way in ensuring everyone has the power to effect change.