Hellen Miseda

  • 10 dairy technologies for modern-day breeder

    2 months ago
    From Roundhouse cattle housing unit to super-efficient AI tanks and, it was the kind of innovations that take a normal unit into a first class dairy.
  • Agri apps, toys that stole limelight at digital forum

    5 months ago
    From the young to the old, farmers flocked the Kalro headquarters to learn what digital farming is all about
  • I left a posh Paris job for Moringa farm

    1 year ago
    Pray, what would make a gorgeous, high-flying woman who has the world at her feet to leave a posh and fulfilling marketing job in the bewitching city of Paris to come work in a remote farm in a little known village in Msambweni, Kwale County, where poverty reigns?
  • When you survive this disease, know that God loves you

    2 years ago
    If you fall under any of these five Fs (female, fat, over forty, are on family planning and have a family history of blood clotting conditions), you are at high risk
  • Innovations galore at Nairobi ASK show

    2 years ago
    The Nairobi International Trade Fair was a mix of everything. To attract traffic to their sites, the exhibitors — from the universities, to the parastatals to corporates and SMEs — used all creative tactics.
  • Magic that brought life in a ‘desert’

    2 years ago
    Chocking dust. Blazing sun. Withered vegetation. That is the rude welcome one receives as they drive to Mama Phylis Matampash and her husband Kenny Matampash’s farm deep in Kajiado County.
  • We sealed the deal 26 years later

    2 years ago
    I spotted her from a distance and she came off as a lovely down-to-earth woman
  • Vet’s gamble in kuku kienyeji pays off after ditching dream American job

    2 years ago
    What do you call a young promising Kenyan who leaves a flashy Diaspora life after less than 10 years to come back to Kenya to start a poultry farm? Crazy perhaps.
  • Pampered cattle that enjoy pedicures, massages, cool baths

    2 years ago
    We find the more than 20 Holstein-Friesian cows listening to soothing classical music. On close observation, the animals look like they are having a blast, and they are lost in their own world.
  • Where students eat, sleep, drink innovation

    3 years ago
    Imagine this. Instead of walking around with your staff identification card to go through security checks in your building, you have a smart armband that has a chip programmed with the rhythm of your heart beat.
  • I will slay this monster before it puts me down

    3 years ago
    From an early age, she resolved that sickle cell would not define her life or stop her from achieving her dreams. True to her word, Dr MARIE OJIAMBO, 27, is now a sickle cell warrior, a global activist, pharmacist and Miss Africa USA. She spoke to HELLEN MISEDA
  • Rosemary Odinga on the good, the bad and the slimy of snail farming

    3 years ago
    Snail meat is tantalising and super nutritious. Before you say “yuck”, read on. Not only is the meat amazingly sweet (it tastes like fried gizzard dipped in butter) it has a high demand from the high-end market that is so huge; farmers who have ventured into it cannot satisfy that market
  • Man seeks answers after wife's death in childbirth

    3 years ago
    In the last few months, the Government has, through the Ministry of Health, been on an all-out campaign to have pregnant women deliver their babies in hospitals.
  • Silent killer that 'loves' women

    4 years ago
    “When you survive this disease, know that God loves you.” Those are the words of Faith Joy Kiki, a medic at Nazareth Hospital.