Mandera NGOs bank on cash intervention initiatives to help flood Victims

A section of the community living in Sala location undergoing a registration for cash transfer program on May 24, 2024. [Ibrahim Ali, Standard]

A section of Mandera County victims of El Nino floods can now start over a new chapter in life after well-wishers and several other NGOs gave them a shoulder to lean on as they recover from the disaster.

Some of the families have been previously hit by successive dry seasons and lost both humans and livestock.

More than one thousand families are set to benefit from a multi-purpose cash assistance program meant to address the most urgent needs of the flood-affected communities.

About Sh32,837,925 has been donated to 1025 families through a project implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA),

The project that received funding from the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (UN CERF) is also benefiting another 225 families with donations of Sh2,402,775.

According to Noor Hish the project manager, the money will be disbursed in three phases with each beneficiary allocated cash of 10,679 shillings.

"The first batch that consists of 1025 families will receive Sh10,679 per person and that will total up to 32,837,925 shillings," said Hish.

Hish said the first group will be supported with short-term interventions, including monthly stipends for a period of three months with the hope it will resume normal life for them

“We have another group of 225 families each receiving Sh10,679 amounting to Sh2,402,775 and they will receive it once,” he said.

Residents in most parts of the county such as Lafey, Mandera North, and Mandera East constituencies are striving to regain normalcy.

Issack Ali, a resident of Sala location is rebuilding his farm after it was destroyed by flash floods from River Daua.

He narrated how his farm produce that was ripe for marketing was swept away in a single night rendering him hopeless within a blink of an eye.

The old farmer feels relieved after he was supported with Sh21,358 as he would use it to buy seedlings and restart fresh farming all over again.

"My farm was initially affected by successive drought before the rains came and again destroyed the remaining."

Issack Ali joins his counterparts in Mandera North in a farming activity after all their farms were destroyed by floods. [Ibrahim Ali, Standard]

With a smiling face, Mr Ali said the cash will see him reenergize and activate his farming activities and restock his livestock

"With the cash of 21, 358 I received in the past two months, I am now able to bounce back into farming and also buy some livestock," he said.

Faiza Abdinoor, a kiosk vendor whose business was devastated by the heavy downpour in Mandera's Rhamo town, has also managed to resume her business activities with the cash support

"The monthly stipend was a great help for me. I can feed my family and also run my small-scale business in the village," she said

The Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance program is designed to provide flexible financial assistance to address the most urgent needs of those climate-affected communities.

This program will be critical as it helps vulnerable people recover and rebuild their lives amidst the ongoing climate challenges.

While expressing the need to continue with the support, the project boss mentioned that the program aims to reach more affected residents across the county.

The recent rainy season has heavily impacted farms, flooding a total of 5,175 hectares. Farms in Mandera East, Mandera North, Lafey, and Banissa sub-counties have been the most affected, with numerous businesses also destroyed.