Health access options expand as insurance firm diversifies coverage

Inclusive Coverage: Plans to ensure individuals and groups can access health insurance.

Financial Protection for Businesses: New schemes offer SMEs financial security against employee health risks.

Medical insurance, a product designed to cover medical and surgical expenses, has transformed from a basic concept into a structured system. [iStockphoto]

Insurance Provider, First Assurance has hit an impressive milestone with a new product designed to ensure inclusivity in the Industry. The firm which has been around for over a decade offers diversified insurance plans that cater for both Individuals, Groups and SMEs In Kenya.

This move coincides with First Assurance's new campaign, "First Things First," which emphasises the importance of prioritising financial security against unforeseen circumstances. By offering a broader range of products, the company aims to make insurance more affordable and accessible to a wider demographic of Kenyans.

Medical insurance, a product designed to cover medical and surgical expenses, has transformed from a basic concept into a structured system. It now offers financial protection against unforeseen medical costs, providing peace of mind for individuals and groups.

Recognising this evolution, First Assurance has diversified its medical insurance offerings. The company now provides a range of plans catering to a wider clientele. From comprehensive hospitalisation coverage to specialised outpatient care, these plans are designed to meet the varied needs of today's diverse population

According to the Managing Director Mr. Stephen Lokonyo, the introduction of a new insurance plan reflects First Assurance's commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of the customers and that of the industry. "We've introduced a new medical insurance plan called First Afya Biashara, designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)," Lokonyo explains. "With First Afya Biashara, SME owners can now guarantee their employees quality healthcare access without compromising their financial stability.

The First Afya Biashara cover is designed to customise the insurance offerings to suit the specific needs of different SMEs. The cover incorporates management of substance dependency, specialised outpatient care, and inpatient expenses at any of their appointed service provider facilities.

As uncertainties rock businesses, Kenyans are increasingly turning to insurance as a safeguard against unforeseen threats. This trend is fueled by a projected boom in the Kenyan insurance market. According to recent data by Statista, the market size, measured by gross written premium, is expected to reach a staggering US$8.03 billion by 2024.

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