Margaret Nyakang'o is being punished, Odinga says

Controller of Budget (COB) Margaret Nyakang’o and Azimo la Umoja leader Raila Odinga.

Azimo la Umoja leader Raila Odinga has claimed that the Controller of Budget (COB) Margaret Nyakang’o is being fixed due to her determination to act professionally.

According to Odinga, it will be difficult for the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to prove to Kenyans why they have arrested Nyakang’o.

He said that many Kenyans saw her arrest coming.

“The arrest was always coming, in light of her determination to act professionally and with integrity in a regime infested by crooks and unprofessional conduct,” said Odinga in a statement to newsrooms.

He believes her arrest was a matter of when and not if, Nyakang’o would be sent packing on what he termed as frivolous and trumped-up charges to create room for a more friendly COB to the Kenya Kwanza regime.

He believes that her arrest and arraignment are to pave the way for a COB who will support and sanitize the looting that is ongoing at the President William Ruto administration.

“Her tribulations are thus politically motivated witch hunt, which the EACC will find difficult to convince Kenyans about at a time Kenyans are wreathing under full-blown corruption,” he said.

“We encourage Ms Nyakang’o to remain strong in defense of integrity, professionalism and the dictates of good governance.”

He assured Nyakang’o of the support that she will need in the interest of the war against corruption in the country.

“This struggle will be nasty and long but it is one Kenyans cannot afford to lose. We will lead that struggle from the front,” said Odinga.