Fact check: No, motorists are not fined for speeding on Expressway

The Nairobi Expressway Haile Selassie exit. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Moja Expressway, the company that manages the Nairobi Expressway has refuted claims that it fines motorists who exceed the stipulated speed limits on the 27 km road.

In a post on X, the company denied the allegations and stressed that the speed limit on the Expressway is 80km per hour.

The Company was responding to an X user who alleged that motorists who exceed speed limits are getting fined through their Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC) devices.

"If you have the ETC device check what they deduct on your regular exit points," user Muthuri posted.

The Standard has independently proven the claims as fake after using both the ETC and Manual Toll Collection (MTC) lanes.

However, the speeding cameras are fitted near the Waiyaki Way exit and the Mlolongo exit where traffic police are spotted once in a while.

The company had earlier last year announced that damages by motorists on the Sh73.5 billion worth Nairobi Expressway will invite hefty fines.

When you can be fined on the Expressway

1. Damage to the toll booth attracts a fine of between Sh1.32 million and 1.8 million.

2. Damage to the ticket issuing machine will have you part with Sh1.9m in fines. 

3. Causing damage to the cameras at the toll station will have you paying a Sh600,000 fine. 

4. Damage to the vehicle type scanner attracts a Sh2.4 million.

5. Damage to the cantilever variable information board – Sh8.8 million.

6. Causing damage to concrete pavement attracts a Sh6,590 fine. 

7. Scratches on the pavement – Sh2,362 in fines while graffiti on the Expressway will have you part with a similar amount.

Those whose cars stall on the Expressway can also be fined depending on the class of their vehicles.

Note that parking fees for vehicles involved in an accident amount up to Sh900 depending on the type of car and hours spent on the busy highway.