Rwanda imposes night curfew to limit noise pollution

Rwanda President Paul Kagame at State House in Nairobi. [PCS]

Rwanda has imposed a curfew on all "non-essential services" to reduce what it terms ‘noise pollution.’

The Rwandan government announced earlier this week that the curfew will enhance effective regulation of night entertainment and noise pollution.

"For effective regulation of night-time entertainment and noise pollution, the Cabinet established closing time of non-essential services at 1.00 am on working days, and 2.00 am on weekends (Friday and Saturday), effective September 1, 2023," the Rwandese government announced.

According to AFP, the move has enraged nightclub owners who say it will hurt their businesses.

Under the hard-liner rule of President Paul Kagame, police in the East African nation have been cracking down on noise pollution, ordering bars to close, and confiscating equipment from entertainment venues.

A nightclub owner who spoke to the news agency said the latest restrictions “were backward and will definitely kill businesses.”

Last month, the Rwanda government issued noise pollution guidelines, limiting sound levels in commercial areas to 55 decibels at night.