The perfect blend for a fractured company

Jeff Jack, the Principal Head of Cloud at Dimension Data Middle East and Africa. [File, Standard] 

Can the Multicloud be simplified? Can the edges be smoothed and the components integrated to the point where Multicloud is a service that fundamentally changes how organisations implement and integrate cloud solutions into their infrastructure?

Considering that around 76 per cent of cloud buyers use multiple cloud providers and more than half of companies are looking at the hybrid cloud in the future, perhaps the answer to both these questions should be – it must.

Multicloud investment and services must be simplified and deliver measurable value to ensure that organisations aren’t caught in a cat’s cradle of cloud threads that convolute instead of simplify. 

The challenge is to find the perfect blend of cloud platform, service and functionality so that your business can become an agile participant in the aggregation of information technology services within the business.

You want solutions that help you to address costs, improve governance, remain compliant, enforce security, and simplify operations.

You also want solutions that don’t force you into one service-provider box. It’s all about diversity, not limited functionality. To achieve this, you first need to unpack exactly what you want from the cloud. Cloud is a fundamental change in the operating model of the organisation, moving it away from the traditional CAPEX model to an OPEX and consumption-based model.

It’s business as a service, solutions in a box, and services on demand. When added to the concept of “multicloud” evolves even further. It moves into a realm where the organisation has a choice of cloud providers, where they can tap into benefits across multiple cloud services.

You can take the foundational platform of AWS or Azure, then add in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace for your productivity suite, then transform your operations using an ERP or CRM platform from SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce or Workday. 

It is this freedom to mix, match and weave together multiple premier cloud solutions that makes the Multicloud invaluable.

It allows your business to gain access to the IT services you want and need, and to optimise your preferences to fit your strategic objectives.

Of course, this is also one of the reasons why Multicloud as a service has become an increasingly popular option for many organisations – having access to multiple cloud solutions is wonderful, but it can be overwhelming. 

To ensure that every cloud platform can service your business requirements, you need expertise.

A service provider that can unpack which elements within each offering are relevant to your organisation and then put everything back together again in a way that works, for you.

This smart route into Multicloud ensures you have complete visibility into your distributed environments and that security is embedded throughout your Multicloud investment, and your infrastructure.  

Multicloud as a service is as much a smart step for companies wanting to do business, as it is a client-centric approach to cloud optimisation.

It takes the complexity straight out of your hands and gives it to someone else to manage, and it ensures that, with the right consultative approaches, your cloud investment is properly optimised.

You’re not spending more than you should on infrastructure you don’t need. Multicloud as a service is ultimately about servicing the business outcome.  

Multicloud as a service offers the benefits of multiple cloud platforms while ensuring that you only use what’s appropriate for your business.

On the application front, it’s changing the face of operational and consumption models, however, on the business front it is the optimisation of services to achieve measurable outcomes.  

But what is it really like? What does it really do? 

It is an agnostic and dynamic cloud services model that flexes within your organisation’s architecture to deliver a consolidated infrastructure and application environment that harmonises business processes.

And it does all this on an infrastructure that’s best suited for your business in a framework that’s simplified and streamlined. That, in a nutshell, is the value of Multicloud as a service.

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