Moi High School top performers share the secret to stellar grades

"This year, we achieved a 99.2 per cent transition to the university. This makes us very proud as a school because the students understand the sacrifice which both parents and teachers are putting in towards their success," she said.

In last year's examinations, the number of plain A's increased from 24 in 2021 to 33 and A minus increased from 109 to 136. The top student Harry Mutuma Kiburi topped the class with an A plain of 84 points while Ephraim Kemboi scored A plain of 83 points.

In the 2021 results, the school posted a mean grade of 10.36 with 349 candidates, an improvement from 2020 when the school posted a mean score of 9.56. This translated to a 97 per cent transition.

"Our secret is that the teachers ensured the syllabus was completed on time to allow time for more revision. Besides this, the students were disciplined, and self-driven and knew the sacrifices parents and teachers were making. It is a great moment as a school," Mrs Cheruiyot said.

She added that candidates are also exposed to regular assessments to test their understanding of topics.

Kemboi attributes his good grades to hard work and teamwork.

"The path to success has never been any easier. It took a lot of sacrifices like waking earlier and sleeping late. It has all been worth it," Ephraim said.

In 2018, the school posted a mean score of 10.2, an improvement from 9.16 in 2017. Out of the 330 registered candidates in 2018, 326 candidates managed a C+ and above translating to 98.7 per cent transition to the university.