Keep off politics, Raila Odinga asks church

"I was saddened to see the leadership of our Anglican church asking the politicians particularly those of Azimio who had petitioned the elections because of the rigging that they must withdraw the petitions as supposedly in the interest of the communal unity. Shame!" Raila said.

Raila called on the church to be very cautious of political leaders keen to use the church for their own selfish gains.

"The church must not discrete the pulpit by allowing politicians to use churches for purposes of political agitation. Church should never be used as a political platform. We never go to the churches to play politics," he said.

He challenged the church to use its influence to fight for justice.

Raila was accompanied by Governor James Orengo, former governor Cornel Rasanga, Bondo MP Gideon Ochanda as well as Siaya Senator Oburu Oginga.

He also expressed optimism that the New Year 2023 will be a better one for Kenyans saying that the year 2022 has been a difficult one for Kenyans owing to various economic and social challenges that they have had to contend with.

"Kenyans have been through difficult period, it was the end of Covid 19 but then also these period we've had several disasters, famine have uplifted many people in our society dying because of hunger" Raila said.

He expressed optimism that the coming year will be a better one for Kenyans.