Senators paint grim picture of drought in the country

Baringo Senator William Cheptumo said that the government should ensure that all dam projects were completed to ensure enough supply of water for domestic use and irrigation for all Kenyans.

"We have several dam projects across the country which need to be completed since this will allow irrigation projects to be done to ensure that there is sufficient food production for local consumption and export," said Cheptumo.

Turkana Senator James Lomenen told his colleagues he had nothing to celebrate two months after being elected since the situation in his county was worrying and it was not easy being a leader of people who are in trouble.

Lomenen said that if he cannot help his people during their time in need he does not have a reason to be their Senator and that he would rather resign if his people will be experiencing deaths due to hunger year in year out.

"My fellow Senators I can tell you that it is not easy being a leader of a people who have absolutely nothing to eat, they have no water to drink and their Livestock are dying as they watch," said Lomenen.

Kajiado Senator Lenku Seki said leaders from areas that have faced severe drought need to urgently come up with measures that will safeguard their people against losses occasioned by drought in parts of the country.

Lenku said that his county residents risked impoverishment as they depend on their Livestock for livelihood and that all stakeholders need to come up with measures that will ensure that citizens and their animals are protected in future.

Mandera Senator Ali Roba said that they were ready to carry out any legislations that will enable the government come up with long term solution for the worst crisis seen in the country in the recent past since people and Livestock were facing imminent disaster if nothing is done urgently.

Roba said that the house needs to postpone other issues and prioritise discussion on drought situation in the country and what is supposed to be done urgently to remedy the crisis which he termed as the worst in the recent past.

Marsabit Senator Mohamed Chute said that he was not comfortable enjoying the retreat while thousands of his county residents were currently facing hunger families and Livestock.

"If I had powers I could have diverted funds used to organize this retreat to buy food and ensure constant supply of water for people who are currently facing seriously challenges occasioned by drought across the country," said Chute.

The Senators said that while they appreciated the efforts of President William Ruto to resolve the crisis they will do everything to support government agenda on food security in the country.

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