Commonwealth games: Order of events Kenyans participating

Scotland’s Hannah ROBB (L) challenge Kenya’s Mellisa Akinyi during their women 3x3 Basketball match at Smithfield Market in Birmingham , United Kingdom on July 31, 2022. (Kelly Ayodi, Standard)

Kenya will compete at the 2022 Commonwealth Games at Birmingham, England from 28 July to 8 August 2022. It will be Kenya's 17th appearance at the Games.

Below is order of events Kenyans participating

30/7/2022 7am-1330hrs

Men marathon final-  Kenya wins bronze, Uganda gold, Tanzania silver at Commonwealth men's marathon ??  Read more

Women marathon final- Margaret Wangari Muriuki bags silver for Kenya in the women's marathon ??  Read more

 2/8/2022-- 10am-1:30pm

Men 100m R1  10am-1:30pm  ?? Read more

Women 800m R1  10am-1:30pm ??  Read more

Women 100m R1  10am-1:30pm  ??  Read more 

 evening- 6:30pm-10:00pm

Men 400m(H) R1  ??  Read more 

Men 10000m Final ??  Read more


 3/8/2022-- 10am-1330hrs

Women 400m R1 ??  Read more 

Men 800m R1

Men 400m R  ??  Read more 


Women 100m semi finals  ??  Read more 

Men 100m semi finals  ??  Read more 

Women 10000m final

Women 100m final

Men 100m final  ??  Read more 


 4/8/2022 10am-1300hrs

Women 200m R1

Men 1500m R1

Men 200m R1

 evening- 1830hrs-2200hrs

Men 400m(H) semi finals

Women 800m semi finals


 *5/8/2022--10am 1500hrs_

Women 1500m R1

Women 4x400m(R) R1

Men 4x400m(R) R1

Men Javelin Q(a&b)


Men 200m semi finals

Women 400m semi finals

Women 200m semi finals

Men 800m semi Finals

Men 400m Semi finals

Women 3000m SC final


 6/8/2022 10am-1315hrs

Women 10000m (w) final

Men 3000m SC final

Women 4x100m (R) R1

Men 4x100m (R) R1

Men 1500m final

 evening- 1830hrs-2145hrs_

Women Hammer final

Women 800m final

Men. 5000m final

Men 400m (H) final

Women 200m final

Men 200m final


 7/8/2022 - 10am-1315hrs_

Men 400m final

Women 400m final

Men 10,000m (w) final

Women 4x100m final

Men 4x100m final

 Evening 1830hrs-2130hrs_

Women 1500m final

Men javelin final

Men 800m final

Women 5000m final

Women 4x400m(R) final

Men 4x400m(R) final

 End of games