David Sankok: Why I'm quitting politics

Nomited MP David Sankok [David Njaaga,Standard]

Nominated MP David Sankok has retired from politics.

Sankok told Spice FM in Nairobi on Monday, July 4, that he will not run for any elective office or nomination in the August 9 General Election.

Instead, he said, he would concentrate on private business.

“The issue of contesting is a personal decision. I decided this time round not to seek any elective position. I need to focus on my businesses because I started engaging in the advocacy of people with disabilities at a very early age, so I never had space to develop myself and that is what it is,” he said.

However, he said that issues affecting people with disabilities are close to his heart and that he will continue to fight for their rights even after leaving politics.

"If you've followed debates in Parliament, you've probably noticed that I always arrive on time for debates and always leave after the Speaker. I am always on time because I don't want anything to go by without me bringing up the issue of persons with disabilities. I was recognized as the best performing male MP for three years," he said.

Sankok, a UDA supporter, took the podium to rally support for Deputy President William Ruto’s manifesto, urging Kenyans to vote wisely in the August 9 General Elections.

Sankok has previously said that since his nomination to the National Assembly in 2017, politics has taken a financial toll on him.

The MP, who is known for his bright green attired with national flag stripes, talked of his frustrations as a legislator since 2017.

He said social media exacerbates the situation, with politicians who do not part with money being criticised and insulted.

“Politics in Kenya is very hard. It is a very tough game where everyone thinks you are their property. I’m not used to giving out free things. As a disabled person, I have struggled. I can’t just give out money freely,” he said.