Police arrest woman masquerading as officer during Inooro TV interview

Monica Wamaitha Gitau appeared as a panelist on an Inooro TV show on Wednesday. [Twitter, NPS]

Police in Kilimani, Nairobi have arrested a woman masquerading as a police officer during an interview on Inooro TV on Wednesday.

Monica Wamaitha Gitau appeared as a panelist on the Kikuyu station’s morning show in a full police uniform. 

Police took note of her before realizing that she was an impostor. 

According to a statement by the National Police Service (NPS), Wamaitha is an aspiring politician Woman Rep in Nairobi.

"Police officers based at Kilimani Police Station today received information of an ongoing interview at Inooro TV hosting an alleged uniformed female police officer as a panelist.” 

"Doubting the credibility of the interviewee, police officers rushed to the TV station from where they arrested Wamaitha, a civilian,” NPS said. 

Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso told The Standard that Wamaitha claimed to have formerly been in the service as an Administration Police Officer before resigning.

Authorities are yet to ascertain the claim. 

Asked why she was dressed in uniform today, Wamaitha said that when she appeared on TV the previous year and told Kenyans that she was an officer, very few believed her.

“I told people I was a police officer and didn’t want to answer similar questions today. I wanted them to see me in uniform,” she said.

She added that Kenyans needed to see the work female officers do so they stop dismissing them as just women in uniform. “I want them to see me as Monica, a leader, and a public servant.”

Police have since called for due diligence when dealing with members of the service. The media and the public are required to liaise with the office of the Police Spokesperson or respective regional or county commanders before hosting officers.

Section 101 (b) of the National Police Service Act Cap. 84, notes that “a sentence of a fine not exceeding Sh1 million or imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or both if one is found guilty of impersonating a police officer.”