Speaking fluent Kikamba is no qualification for governor – Nzioka Waita tells off critics

Nzioka Waita has dismissed those claiming that he cannot govern Machakos County because of his inability to speak fluent Kikamba. The State House Chief who has declared interest in becoming top boss for Machakos County, added that the role of a governor is administration which is conducted in the National languages of English and Kiswahili. 

“Even the budget in the County Assembly is read in English and debates are done in English and Kiswahili,” he said.

“I listen and I can understand Kikamba perfectly. I speak it like many of the young men who grew up in Nairobi. It’s patchy but I want to ask, is the budget for Machakos County read in Kikamba? Is the debate in the county Assembly done in Kikamba? When we sit to discuss with the National government are the conversations in Kikamba or are they in English?” he asked, adding that the job of a governor is administration and not becoming a master of ceremony in Kikamba language.

Waita said that he would seek assistance to communicate with the elderly during his campaigns but he was not going to give up his desire to serve the people.

“My desire to serve my people should not be compromised. Kambas are everywhere and they do not stop being Kambas. I think this argument should stop now,” he said.

The civil servant who hails from Machakos town constituency said after ten years of devolution it was clear that the seat of governor required a seasoned manager who was well-versed in administration as opposed to a politician.

He said his desire was to build on what Governor Alfred Mutua had done for the last ten years adding there was still a lot to be done in exploiting the available resources, making sure the most needy in society are catered for as well as access to quality education and healthcare.

The language debate has been spearheaded by some of his opponents vying for the governor position.