Elders give Wanga 'key' to run for Homa Bay governor's seat

Has Homa Bay Woman Rep Gladys Wanga acquired the key which Governor Cyprian Awiti said he had kept in his private parts?

The question appears to have been answered, following a ceremony in which Wanga was endorsed by elders and professionals of Karachuonyo constituency.

During the ceremony held at Karabondi Girls Secondary School in Wang’chieng’ Ward, Wanga got the blessings of elders and professionals to run for Homa Bay governor seat.

During the ceremony conducted by a team of elders led by the chairman of the Luo Council of Elders in Karachuonyo constituency Magayi Jonyo, Wanga was given a symbolic key.

The move has elicited curiosity from residents of Homa Bay County.

The curiosity is due to a comment Governor Cyprian Awiti made last year to the effect that he had kept the key to the county’s governor race in his scrotum.

Wanga was given the key in Wang’chieng’ ward where Awiti hails from.

This made Wanga’s picture holding a dummy key go viral on social media platforms.

Some people wondered if Wanga had taken the key from where Awiti had kept it. And if she had indeed done so, others wondered how she had accomplished such an intricate task.

The Nairobian spoke to elder Jonyo who presided over the traditional ceremony and sought clarification on meaning of the key.

Jonyo said the key symbolised their permission to allow Wanga to get entry into Karachuonyo constituency in her bid to run for governor.

Wanga is married in Kochia Ward in Rangwe constituency.

“We elders gave Wanga the key to mean that Karachuonyo constituency is behind her. The key means she does not have to knock whenever she is coming to Karachuonyo,” Jonyo said.

During the ceremony, Wanga was installed by being given various traditional tools. They included pots, a calabash, cooking stick, baskets and other tools.

She was asked to sit on a traditional stool. All this was done to symbolise the power accorded a woman leader.

“We have given her instruments of power in line with the Luo culture. She can now compete with other candidates,” Jonyo said.

He said the endorsement was a sign of blessings from elders who are the custodians of wisdom.

“Elders don’t do things without being guided by wisdom. What we have done here means Wanga has our blessings in her aspiration to become the next governor of Homa Bay,” Jonyo said.

He said they gave Wanga the key because she was the first aspirant to ask for it.

“Even a father gives something to a child who asks for it. All governor’s seat aspirants in this county are our children but we only give the key to the one who has asks for it because we work on a first-come-first-served basis,” said Jonyo.

On her part, Wanga said: “I have acquired this key at a very significant place in this county. I thank the elders and professionals for identifying the leadership qualities in me.”