Jeweler Nagin Pattni dead

Diamond rings and necklaces show in a luxury retail store.

Renowned city jeweler Shri Nagindas Gordhandas Challa is dead. The founder of jewelry firm Nagin Pattni and specialist in real yellow gold and silver rings died on Friday, March 26 in Nairobi. He was 83.

Pattni was a “great soul who touched the lives of many and brought a smile to all”, said his family in a statement. “He started and build up the firm to where it is today through honesty and hard work.”

Opening up about his business in 2009, the jeweler, who sold engagement and wedding rings to countless couples for over 40 years, said he holds nuptials in high esteem.

Pattni pointed out that the ring has more value in weddings than 'embroidered garments, exquisite giant cakes, a trail of sleek cars, good food, and drinks flowing'.

"A wedding is a big occasion for the couple. For the bride, it is a milestone and the ring slipping down her finger means everything. She may forget other aspects of the ceremony, but the ring is a constant reminder that there was a wedding," said Pattni.

Adding, "The ring is far more important than the decoration, dress, and food. While the cheerful voices, delicious food, and the music end after the ceremony, the ring outlasts them all. It has unique permanency. Yet it is so much less costly than the gown or other prerequisite items."

Pattni shared that  rings should, however, not be confined to marriage. "The ring gives one status and identity... Authentic materials like pure gold or silver are best - an authentic gold ring can last up to 600 years, and is a perfect mirror for well-nurtured love. Gold never rusts and never fades. It causes no allergy and works well with girls!".

He went on to note that a ring is a highly symbolic item and should not be passed down to the family. "It is a treasured item, a souvenir, and only belongs to the one special person. When you decide to renew the wedding, it is good to buy another ring," said Pattni.