Mzee Moi’s trusted worker speaks

Stephen Ngugi Kaguru, 84, who worked at the late Moi's farm, during an interview with The Standard in Nakuru on Monday. [Kennedy Gachuhi, Standard].

Honesty is one of the qualities one had to have to work for former President Daniel Moi.

Winning the trust of the former Head of State was not easy, and his employees  knew it as they carried out their daily duties at Mzee’s home.

So when Stephen Kaguru won Moi’s trust and got into his good books, it led to a long-lasting relationship that saw him work till his retirement at Mzee’s Little Farm located in Bahati Constituency in Nakuru County.

Moi had keenly been observing Kaguru working on the farm for a number of years.

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His dedication to work won the heart of the former President who immediately appointed him the farm manager.

“Mzee Moi was generous man whose humility cannot be matched by any of the current crop of leaders. He welcomed everyone no matter their standing in the society,” he added.


Kaguru worked in the farm for 33 years before he retired to concentrate on farming at his farm at Kabazi in Subukia Constituency.

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Due to the trust Moi had in Kaguru, he promoted him from a foreman to a farm manager, citing his great attitude and leadership skills.

Having earlier worked for a white settler, Wildlock aka John Mark in the early 1960s in the same farm before it was acquired by Mzee Moi in 1965, Kaguru said his lifestyle changed after the promotion.

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“Having carefully studied my character, Moi’s trust in me increased and he promoted me to manage the farm, a job I did for over three decades,” said Kaguru.

The trusted worker says his relationship with Moi saw the former Head of State assist him to educate his eight children who are currently working in different sectors of the economy.

Kaguru grows coffee, tea and vegetables on the 135-acre farm specializes.

He supplies fresh produce to a number of schools in the area.

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