Number of accident fatalities increase according to NTSA survey

More people have been killed in road accidents this month compared to a similar period last year, a survey shows.

According to data by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), the death toll this January rose to 260 people, compared to last year's January, which stood at 177.

“The most vulnerable category of victims are pedestrians. At least 96 were reported dead this year compared to last year where 68 lost their lives,” the survey reads.

Motorcyclists were second. At least 54 riders died in January 2020, compared to January last year when 43 died.

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Passengers followed closely with 53 reported dead compared to last year where 36 died.

Pillion passengers - people who are ferried as passengers in motorcycles - were also victims. The numbers of those who died stood at 31 compared to January last year where 11 died.

The drivers' death toll stood at 22, up from 18 in a similar period last year. Pedestrians also topped the list of the most injured at 104, up from 77.

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