County assembly halts projects over cash row

Nyamira County Assembly has stopped development projects estimated at Sh260 million as crisis over budgetary allocations rages.

The halted projects are part of the executive flagship programmes, which, according to the Budget and Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Onyinkwa (Magombo Ward), will only be executed after the monies in question have been properly accounted for.

The Sh260 million is part of Sh1.1 billion that the Budget Committee said was unspent development balances from the year 2018-19. According to Mr Onyinkwa, the amount was factored in the county's supplementary budget, which is due for passing at the assembly.

Supplementary appropriations, amounting to Sh6.4 billion, were deferred about three weeks ago in a special sitting of the House after the MCAs said some Sh455 million of the unspent balances had not been properly accounted for.

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"Initially, we had a deficit of Sh455 million, but after consequent reconciliations, the questionable amount is Sh260 million which the executive will offer explanation," Onyinkwa said.

He dispelled claims that the county was grinding to a halt because of the crisis over supplementary appropriations.

Finance Executive Muga Omwanza denied claims the county had not accounted for Sh260 million.

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Nyamira County Assemblybudgetary allocations