Teen in brutal Naivasha murder to be detained for nine more days

The 17-year-old boy who allegedly stabbed to death a 16-year old girl in Naivasha last will be detained in Naivasha police station for nine more days.

This follows a successful application by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) officers who sought more time to conduct a mental check up on the Form Three student from Nanyuki High School.

The minor who looked lost in thought appeared before Naivasha Chief Magistrate Kennedy Bidali but did not take a plea.

The magistrate however termed 14 days as too long and allowed the investigation officers nine days instead.

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The teenager dressed in a brown T-shirt said in whispering voice that he was not opposed to his continued detention.

The magistrate directed that he be detained at Naivasha Police Station and that a report on his age and mental condition be availed in court on the 11th of December.

On Friday last week, residents of Mirera located 20kms from Naivasha town woke up to find the body of Valarie Njeri dumped outside the accused's home.

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The body had twenty-six times stab wounds and the throat was slit. Police discovered traces of blood in the accused's room.

The girl went missing on Thursday from her parents' posho mill which she had been manning, only for her body to be discovered the following day.

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Through a sworn affidavit, Corporal Collins Shikuku from Naivasha CID office sought to hold the accused for an extra 14 days to complete investigations.

Shikuku told the court that they wanted to take the accused for a mental check-up, age assessment, conduct a postmortem and record witness statements.

 This came as the deceased’s family set Wednesday as the date of postmortem.

“We intend to bury her on Thursday God willing and burial plans are underway at the family home in Mirera Naivasha,” said a relative.

 The mother of the suspect Susan Warugu told of their shock on learning that the murder occurred inside their three-bedroom house.

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She said that they shared a meal with their son unaware that there was a body dumped under one of the beds.

Warugu who works in one of the flower farms said that she noticed something was amiss on Friday morning when she found his son studying in the table room.

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