Boy's penis completely cut off in botched circumcision

A two-year-old boy is nursing severe injuries after a botched circumcision at a government hospital that left his genitals completely severed.

The incident which occurred on Sunday at Isinya Health Centre, Kajiado County had the boy’s penis completely cut off.

The boy had to undergo a reconstructive surgery at Kajiado County Referral Hospital.

Betty Nyamoita, the boy’s mother, said she took her son to Isinya Health Centre for the procedure at about midday, but she waited until 6 pm before he could be attended to.

Since it was late, she requested the doctor who was to perform the procedure to postpone it until the following day.

“He insisted on performing it so that he can check on him the following morning before he clocks out after his night shift,” said Ms Nyamoita.

The Standard has since established that the man was actually a nurse and not a doctor. She explained that after the exercise, the boy was handed over to him. However, his wound was not bandaged.

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“He claimed his genitals were too small and the bandage won't fit,” Nyamaito recalled.

That night, Nyamaito said, the boy did not sleep because of pain. Upon examining him, she said she noticed that he was not stitched properly.

On Monday, Nyamoita went back to the hospital to consult with the medic who circumcised her son. He was not in.

His colleagues said he was not going to be in until Friday. His phone was also off. Having panicked after noticing her son bleeding uncontrollably, Nyamoita consulted a private clinic.

“The doctor stared at the boy for a while without saying a word. Then he told me to rush my son to Kajiado County Referral Hospital',” she said.

It is at Kajiado that doctors, led by one of the Cuban specialists Arisleibis Enriquez, performed a surgery on Tuesday to salvage the boy’s penis.

Dr Enriquez, a urologist, said all the structures of the boy’s penis were separated and they had to reconstruct the urethra. His genitals were also swollen.

“He lost the head of the penis. I tried to form something similar to that,” she said.

At the moment, a catheter has been fitted to enable the boy pass urine. A nurse at the Isinya facility defended her colleague saying he has been circumcising boys for some time, even as she begged Nyamoita not to report the matter to police.

The nurse in question is yet to report to the hospital.

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