Woman beats up 10-year-old boy, locks him in dog cage

A screengrab of the video of the woman beating up the minor.

A Nigerian woman has been arrested in Lagos for assaulting a 10-year-old boy and locking him in a kennel.

The 24-year-old Onyinye Mbadike will be charged today.

A police statement said the woman claimed the boy drunk alcohol and thereafter broke the side mirror of her car.

She was recorded flogging the half-dressed boy with a belt, dragging him into the cage before locking it.

In the clip that was widely shared on social media, drawing the ire of Nigerians, two dogs are seen in the cage beside the one in which the boy was kept.

A statement signed by Lagos State Police spokesman Bala Elkana said the woman confessed she was the one in the video and the boy is an orphan. Mbadike is his cousin.

"The suspect admitted that she is the one in the viral video flogging the child with belt, but she denied locking the survivor in a cage with dogs,” the statement read.

Onyinye Mbadike. She is currently in police custody. [Courtesy]

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Mbadike denied locking the boy in a kennel with dogs.

She says she only locked him in an empty one to sober up.

Standard Digital has not confirmed when the video was recorded but Nigerian news sites and CNN, who have spoken to the police, are reporting that it took place on August 3.

The boy has since been taken to a children’s shelter in the region.

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