Manu Chandaria solemnizes marriage after 64 years — Photos

Manu Chandaria and Aruna Chandaria at the Attorney General’s Chambers in Nairobi. [Jennifer Wachie, Standard]
Kenyan billionaire businessman Manu Chandaria and the love of his life Aruna Chandaria renewed their vows at the Attorney General’s Chambers in Nairobi.

Chandaria, 90, was traditionally married to Aruna, 85, for 64 years, but took the bold step to formalise their union in a civil ceremony.

The two --well-advanced in age -- shared hearty smiles as they exchanged vows, much to the delight of those in attendance.

Evergreen love: Chandaria and Aruna. [Jennifer Wachie, Standard]
Recently, the business mogul admitted that love fades in marriage but emphasised on compromise was a key ingredient to a happy marriage.

“Sixty-four (years) is a long time and the only thing is that how comes it has continued. It’s because of give and take from both sides and consideration for each other.

“Love drives off after a period of time, but consideration of each other always makes life a possibility. She (Aruna) is 85 and I am 90 but she has the last word,” said the certified engineer in a recent TV interview.

Chandaria and Aruna display a photo album in which their good times are frozen for posterity. [Jennifer Wachie, Standard]
Manu’s elder brother married Aruna’s elder sister and as the two families did business together, Manu warmed up to Aruna.

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Manu was born in Nairobi and Aruna in Thika, the two were separated when they returned to India during World War II.

As fate would have it, they met again in Kenya in 1952 and rekindled their love.

Considered one of Kenya’s most successful businessmen, Chandaria had the capability of planning a lavish wedding but went simple, as is his custom.

The business mogul only has five suits, two belts, a number of sweaters and around 10 shirts.

A ring on his finger, Mau and Aruna: [Jennifer Wachie, Standard]
In Kenya, a Civil Marriage by notice costs Sh3,900 while a Civil Marriage by Special License costs Sh9,700.

The Marriage Act, 2014 recognizes Five (5) systems of marriage, namely: Civil, Christian, Customary, Hindu and Islamic marriages.

Below we have broken down how much it will cost you to get a marriage certificate in the different categories;

Civil Marriages
These are conducted in the Registrar of Marriages, Deputy County Commissioners or Assistant County Commissioners offices;

They can be conducted through Notice or by Special license,

Notice is where both parties are Kenyan nationals and it involves the placing of a 21 days Marriage notice before the Marriage takes place

Special license is necessary where:

  • Any of the parties is a foreign national
  • Both parties are foreign nationals
  • Marriage outside a licensed place
  • Parties unable to give a 21 days’ notice
They are monogamous in Nature

Requirements for Civil Marriage by Notice: (Kenyans Only)

  • Both parties to appear before the Registrar’s to fill a Notice form
  • Valid I. Ds/Passports are required (Copy and original)
  • Colored Passport size photos
  • Death certificate if widowed or divorce decree absolute if divorced;
  • In the event the Divorce decree is more than a year old or a death certificate is more than 2 years old, an Affidavit to confirm marital status;
Fee Sh3,900

Till death do us part.  [Jennifer Wachie, Standard]
Civil Marriage by Special License (Applies to Kenyans and foreigners)

A fee of Sh9,700 is charged if the wedding is being conducted in the Registrar’s office and Sh16,700 if the wedding will take place in a garden.

Christian/ Hindu marriages by Notice

A fee of Sh1,400.00 is charged for the whole process if the wedding is to be done in place of worship.

If parties had placed a notice of marriage with the intent to celebrate their marriage in a garden, the fee is Sh7,200.

Christian/ Hindu Marriages by Special License

A fee is Sh7,200 is charged if the wedding is being conducted in a licensed place of worship and Sh14,200 if the wedding takes in a garden.

Marriages by Special License (where one party or both parties are foreigners)

A fee of Sh14,200 is charged if the wedding is being conducted in a licensed place of worship and Sh21,200 if the wedding takes place in a garden.

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