State orders closure of bars near schools

Regional commissioners have been ordered to ensure no bars are located within 300 metres of learning institutions.

The order, issued by Interior Principal Secretary Peter Thuku, seeks to enforce the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act which has been abused, leading to increased prevalence of drugs and alcohol in schools.

Mr Thuku gave the order during the release of a report by the National Authority for Campaign Against Drug Abuse which showed kiosks and bars as some of the sources of alcohol for primary school children.

“I am directing regional commissioners to ensure no bars or drinking dens are located 300 metres from a school,” said Thuku.

The order extends to makeshift kiosks near schools.

“We should ensure drug abuse does not disrupt learning. The Government is committed to weed out alcohol dens and counterfeit alcohol from the market,” he said.

According to the report, the most prevalent drugs in schools are tobacco, prescription drugs and alcohol.

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Shops and kiosks and bars near schools are the main sources of drugs and substances among primary school children, according to the report.

“The pupils were asked to identify where their colleagues obtain drugs and substances of abuse. The largest proportion of pupils indicated the shops or kiosks near schools (29 per cent) and bars (26 per cent),” says the report.

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