Manda schools hope for improved results after solar lighting donations

A section of the learners display the solar lighting products. [Courtes]

Three Manda schools in Lamu are looking forward to improved results after they received a donation of 200 solar lights.

Manda Manewi Secondary School, Manda Airport Primary and Secondary Schools on Lamu Island have every reason to smile after Bluetti handed over the donation under its Lighting An African Family (LAAF) project.

This pilot project is part of the brand’s CSR program aimed at providing clean energy in rural African societies to address energy challenges in impoverished communities by enhancing educational opportunities for students.

Mr James Kimemia, Principal of Manda Secondary School expressed gratitude for Bluetti's support, emphasizing the transformative impact the donation would have on the school.

"The solar lighting products will assist the students with stable light to study during the night and help them to complete their assignments. This generous donation will open doors to a better future. We are immensely grateful to Bluetti for their commitment to improving education in our community,” he said.

Part of the solar power kits donated include battery packs, solar panels, and lights which will aid learning without the limitations of unreliable electricity supply.

Mr Kimemia said located on Lamu Island, the three schools grapple with the challenges of remote geography, lack of water supply, bad roads and unreliable power supply, leading to energy shortages for schools and the community at large.

His sentiments were echoed by community leader, Chief Yussuf who said the unstable power supply has hindered various aspects of their communal life while affecting their daily activities.

Allen Yan, the Sales Manager of Bluettii Kenya displays one of the solar lighting products. [Courtesy]

“This donation will significantly reduce these issues, allowing our children to study effectively and pursue educational opportunities previously hindered due to power constraints,” said Yussuf.

The community leader said families will now have access to reliable lighting in their homes and it will increase safety and aid other basic electricity needs of the community, especially during the night.

Allen Yan, the Sales Manager of Bluettii Kenya, reiterated the company's dedication to supporting poor African communities.

"Bluetti is committed to philanthropy hence, the LAAF project's goal of providing millions of African families with access to clean energy. By donating these lighting products to Manda Schools, we hope to improve the learning environment and empower the students in underserved areas with resources and opportunities that will help propel them for a better future." Said Yan.

The LAAF program has contributed to 10 countries, including Nigeria, Malawi, Chad, and Tanzania, with plans to expand further in 2024.