Colour your garden

Although the initial cost of a swimming pool can be relatively high, cheaper alternatives are now available in the form of vinyl lined pools, fiberglass pools and a range of ready- made above ground pools. (Photo, Courtesy)
Red is the hottest colour in the garden. It is perceived instantly, even when present in small patches among other colours.

Orange is lively and vital, possessing some of the energetic quality of red but tempered by the yellow it contains.

Yellow is stimulating but gentle and tends to advance when combined with cooler colours.

Blue is calming and serene. It embodies sophistication and elegance.

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Green is a neutral colour. It is soothing and balancing, but also stimulating. It allows the sharpest distinction of contours and outlines.

White is neither warm nor cool. A white flower, would appear warm and advancing in the golden or red light of sunrise and sunset, but cool and receding in blue twilight.

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