Suspect in murder of prison warden in court

Petterson Mwaura Njiru being led to cells after Murang'a Reident Magistrate Court allowed police to detain him for 14 days.
Police have been allowed to hold, for 14 days, a suspect arrested in connection with the murder of a prison warder.

The court ordered that Peterson Mwaura Njiru be detained at Murang’a Police Station to enable police complete investigations into the murder of Pauline Wangari.

Murang’a DCI Officer Abdalla Ali told the court that Njiru, being Wangari's boyfriend, was a person of interest in the murder. 

Wangari's body was found in her rental house in Kiharu on Wednesday after she failed to report for duty for two days.

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Peterson Mwaura NjiruMurang’a Police StationPrison warder