Graft war: Lobby puts governors on notice

The movement dubbed ‘Jowi’ (Luo for buffalo) held demonstrations at Manyata slim in Kisumu yesterday. [Collins Oduor, Standard]
A campaign to push Nyanza governors into accounting for the billions of shillings they receive annually has kicked off in Kisumu.

According to the organisers, the drive will involve demonstrations. Should this fail to yield results, they will opt for other avenues like petitions to replace county officials.

A movement dubbed ‘Jowi’ (Luo for buffalo) has begun mobilising Kisumu residents to demonstrate against Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s government.

According to Jowi leaders, public services are yet to come closer to the people. They blamed this on plunder of resources meant to transform livelihoods.

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The claimed that elected leaders who are supposed to keep the counties in check have been compromised.

“We have been spurred into action by the failure of our representatives to speak for us. We are the poor sweating for the rich to get richer and now we decline the invitation to keep doing that,” read a statement by Jowi coordinator, Dr Kevin Osuri

Jowi asked those demanding better services to join the push for accountability of funds.

Croocked officials

“When devolution came it brought hope that representation and inclusivity would improve services and raise the standards of living. Devolution has turned into a curse of corruption, where crooked county officials enrich themselves and their families as our hospitals go without drugs and services grind to a halt,” said Osuri.

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Basic infrastructure in the four counties, they said, had collapsed with garbage and lack of water becoming commonplace.

The national leaders, they said, had been “swallowed by pseudo-philosophies and sterile handshakes that refuse to translate to better living conditions for people.”

Jowi further claimed that the people of Nyanza have been turned into political pawns in the 2022 succession politics.

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