Is Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua ripe for presidency?

The 2022 presidential election is taking shape in earnest and of all the people who have shown interest in the race, Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua is presenting indications that he will not be a pushover. His recent strong statements against corruption in news media and social media are exhibitions of a man disposed for a tough fight in 2022. He makes calculated and deliberate attacks almost provoking, but well-intended nonetheless, especially in a country where corruption seems to be a norm.

The declarations he has made newly condemning corruption and urging that government bureaucrats undergo a lifestyle audit is consistent with the mood of the majority of Kenyans who are going through a challenging time right now with the cost of living that has shot through the roof, and starvation staring people in the face.

The second-term Governor of Machakos has spoken about glaring inequalities in this country and why he believes it is immoral for some leaders to go around the country plopping money to citizens instead of pursuing long-term measures to end poverty in the country. One of those measures would be to put an end to graft.

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Of course, there are countless people qualified to be chief executives of this country, some have already openly declared that wish like Dr Mutua has done.

Before 2022 there will be many more joining the fold, but truth be told the former Government Spokesman looks like he is going to give some well- known names a run for their money for a number of reasons; one being that he is already a household name, having curved his niche as first government spokesperson who displayed unquestionable patriotism with his Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya mantra.

Lately, with the start of devolution, he has turned around the image of Machakos County from once-upon-a-time land of relief food to now an attraction and envy of many counties given that the residents are able to get water for free from county government boreholes, which they use for domestic and for their livestock.

His health reforms have made Machakos Level 5 hospital a fascination to residents of neighboring counties like Nairobi, Kajiado and Makueni. In fact, it is true that Machakos Level 5 hosts most patients from Nairobi than anywhere else.

Some of the food security policies initiated by Governor Mutua, if adopted by the National Government will end dependency on Government for relief food and perhaps end starvation like we have witnessed in Turkana County recently.  In Machakos, it is understood that the county government has tractors that plough land for residents at no cost, besides the free seeds and fertilizer program.

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In the last five years, his government has implemented an indigenous chicks project giving women groups the birds which when mature are sold to hotels as meat or sell the eggs, and that has reduced citizen dependency on government relief, in fact, reliance on relief support seems to have ended in the county.

In politics especially at a national competition, unlike county level, so many factors come into play to determine a winner, I am sure the Machakos Governor is aware of that fact that to become president of Kenya he will need to endear himself to Kenyans across the country which is not a mean task, that he needs to step out and reach out to other parts of Kenya beyond Machakos. However, there’s no doubt that he has stepped out well and must make his agenda loud to all Kenyans and that fight against corruption is a good place to start off.

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