'Rival gangs' fight over Nakuru neighbourhood

Two rival gangs are fighting for control of territories in Flamingo and Kivumbini estates, causing fear among residents.

According to police sources, a recent operation to dismantle the outlawed Confirm Gang has led to its split into two factions, which are now battling for turfs in Nakuru Town East constituency.

On Monday night, one faction armed with machetes and clubs descended on Kivimbuni estate that was the headquarters of the Confirm Gang and broke into houses suspected to belong to the leaders of the splinter group.

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"They broke windows and doors, destroyed property after they failed to find the owners," said a member of Nyumba Kumi initiative who did not want to be named for fear of reprisal.

No one was injured during the Monday 11pm raid that lasted for more than an hour.

The attackers, according to residents, are believed to be members of Confirm Gang that operates from the sprawling Kwa Rhonda estate.

Damaged property

“It is worrying that criminals are fighting over control of territories, an issue that is affecting our security,” said an elder who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The source said the attackers also destroyed property belonging to residents and damaged a vehicle.

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He said the gang members accused residents of shielding members of the rival group who had gone into hiding earlier in the day.

“They claimed that those within Kivumbini and Flamingo want to have control of their turf but they vowed that they'll do whatever it takes to resist the move,” he said.

Before raiding the estate, The standard has learnt the rival gang visited the place earlier the day. Their intention was not known although they looked agitated.

Nakuru Town East sub-county police commander Elena Kabukuru said investigations had started.

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