Let’s spread message of hope for better days as we celebrate Easter

Clouds seem to be gathering over the country, but they are not bringing good tidings. They are dark clouds of misery over the head of every Kenyan for whom life seems to have turned for the worse. The economic outlook is bleak. Farmers are holding their breath every day hoping that each dawn will bring with it the much waited for long rains. The Meteorological Department has already said the rains will not be sufficient.

The cost of food is on a sharp rise. Power and fuel costs are burning holes in the pockets of the few who can still afford the two basic commodities. Indeed, they are increasingly looking like luxuries. The Jubilee administration appears fixated on a magic trick only they find funny. Pulling mundane taxes every now and then from their bags of tricks with little regard to the already burdened citizens.

But amid this, Kenyans should look beyond the current gloom. Kenyans have resisted every form of manipulation by those in charge of the country’s economy. There should be a silver lining beyond this dark period.

This Easter, Kenyans should seek embers of hope from the dying flames that defined Kenyan-ness at the birth of this great nation. Let us rediscover our humanity at a time when nearly half the country is staring at a famine and help out in whatever little way we can.

Let us find hope in the innovations that current generations are coming up with every day and not lose belief in the fact that they will do what their fathers and mothers have failed to do - take Kenya to the heights it can reach in the absence of blatant corruption and policies that seem to favour tenderpreneurs.

As Christians mark Easter to remind themselves of the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made on the cross, Kenyans too should look inward and reflect upon the values of the nation. For it is only through introspection that we can find much-needed glimmer of hope. Hope that the day will not end as it started. That the day will end on a better note.

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