Meet the disabled DJ who entertains Uhuru and his guests at State House

Deejay Euphorique poses for a photo with musician Nyashinski [Photo: Courtesy]
Popularly known as Deejay Euphorique, he has become a common ?gure in State House events.

For a young man who commands huge admiration, the deejay who was lucky to be contracted by the President Uhuru Kenyatta in December 2017, to play during State House functions and Jubilee Party functions displays lots of con?dence but little sign of the hubris associated with performers in the big league.

Looking ?t and relaxed, he has proved beyond reasonable doubt that disability is not inability.

“Every time I come across fans, they always seem to be shocked by the fact that despite my success and fame I am disabled and con?ned in a wheelchair,” says Ogeto who is the ?rst of his kind in Africa and second in the world.

His ?rst performance at Kenyatta International Convention Centre in 2014, courtesy of the United Nations - an event to celebrate people living with disability opened other opportunities for him.

But it has not been an easy ride for the young man who is con?ned to a wheelchair. Before this he had struggled to enroll in some of the deejay academies in the city.

“For the simple reason that I was disabled, the people in charge at various local deejay academies refused to off er me a chance,” he recalls.

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At some point Euphorique met deejay Vicky of Homeboyz who introduced him to their institution based on second ?oor – something he could hardly cope with owing to the fact that there were no lifts nor good Samaritans to carry him to his destination.

Despite depression and setbacks Euphorique chose not to give up and instead embarked on pursuing the yearnings of his heart – away from life’s prescribed journey into becoming a professional deejay.

After months of endurance and never giving up, his efforts were ?nally rewarded upon meeting local spins masters Nairobi based Lee The Deejay and Wesley who accorded him a chance at their school Spin Trade Deeejay Academy, Hurlinghum.

“I underwent training for three months before being certified as a professional deejay.

“What motivated me was the fact that the students at the academy were good to me. Upon arrival –they would make it a point to carry me off my wheelchair all the way to the ?rst ?oor something they did every morning and evening upon completion of the training,” he recalls.

From then on, it appears there was no stopping the deejay who was determined to succeed where his predecessors failed. Other than acquiring a chance to showcase his skills at the UN event at KICC, he performed at various events aimed at celebrating people living with disability courtesy of Safaricom.

In 2016, Ogeto was invited for the launch of gospel artist Daddy Owen’s album ‘Vanity’ at the Carnivore Restaurant grounds.

Some of the celebrities present decided to hold an impromptu fundraiser to buy him a turntable.

The emcee of the event was Big Ted, the State House director for brand strategy and events.

In less than 20 minutes, they had collected Sh500,000.

In December 2017, Big Ted invited Ogeto to State House for an event to celebrate orphans. It was there that he came face to face with President Uhuru Kenyatta who upon noticing his immense talent despite his condition gave him a warm hug and promised to work with him henceforth.

“It was a dream come true for me. At the time I realized that despite the challenges I went through God was preparing me for greater heights,” says the deejay who commands between Sh60, 000 and Sh120, 000 in a single event and gets close to four concerts in a month.

With time, more opportunities came Euphorique’s way as he would be invited to perform at weddings and Jubilee events.

His background

Ogeto was fit for the ?rst 15 years of his life, He lived a normal life in Mwembe estate in Kisii County.

“It was not until I was 16 years that I woke up one day to ?nd my knees were weak, painful and swollen,” he recalls.

Euphorique says growing up in Mwembe estate, Kisii town life was good.

Born to Mr Japheth Bokonko Ogeto and Mrs Martha Kemunto Ogeto, he attended Kisii Primary. “When I was born, everything about me was normal. My parents had no idea what would befall me years later. It was not until I was 16 that I woke up one day only to realize my knees were weak, full of pain and swollen. Like many concerned Kenyan parents, they did their best to ensure that I would be able to get back on my feet by taking me to various medical institutions, where I spent three months undergoing treatment in vain. I was diagnosed with chronic knee disease that only meant that I would be con?ned into a wheelchair for the rest of my life. But, this did not mean the end of the road for the aspiring deejay.

“Despite being to me I had hopes that someday I will be able to be back on my feet again,” he says. Owing to his condition, Ogeto dropped out of school following doctor’s request.

However, he managed to go back to a different school at St Joseph where he sat for his KCPE and passed well. 

He later joined Thika Joytown High School for the Physically Challenged. It was here that he realized his love for music. “During my free time, away from school, I would play different songs in the hope of becoming a deejay one day,” he says.

The deejay, who studied Technology and Networking in Gusii College, Kisii hopes to study International Relations in future.

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