Governor Samboja rejects dairy cows procured by his administration

Taita-Taveta County Governor Granton Samboja  says the animals, bought for Sh170,000 each, are calves and cannot be used for breeding purposes as intended.  [File photo 15th August,2018/Standard]
Governor Granton Samboja has rejected four dairy cows procured by his administration.

The governor accused the Livestock department of procuring calves instead of quality, mature dairy cows.

“We cannot distribute the calves to the targeted Sagala Location farmers for multiplication purposes because they are small,” he said.  

According to records from the Livestock department seen by The Standard, the calves were procured at a cost of Sh680,000, meaning each calf cost Sh170,000.

Speaking at a public meeting at Sagala location in Voi Sub County, the governor described the cows as calves which cannot be distributed to the targeted farmers.

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“The procured dairy cows are too small and cannot be distributed to farmers for reproduction purposes. I need to see bigger dairy cows which can produce calves immediately for distribution to farmers,” said Mr Samboja.

The Samboja said the money used buy the calves is enough to purchase better quality dairy cows for easy production.

Under the programme, the governor said the cows would be taken care of by farmers and once they produce the calves would be handed other farmers. The project is aimed at improving food security and giving farmers additional income.

“Livestock is one of the regions key economic pillars, which have been identified for global trade. In order to achieve regional and global competitiveness in the industry, the county administration has developed programmes and projects that seek to improve sustainable livestock production,” Samboja, who was accompanied by Sagala MCA Godwin Kilele, said.

The governor further said his administration in conjunction with the national government would improve the livestock sector for beef, meat goats and sheep, indigenous poultry and rabbits in Mwatate farm, schools and institutions and dairy cattle and goats through farmer groups.

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The region has over 1.2 million acres of land that is good for ranching.

“The potential for meat production is high in the region but due to uncontrolled use of natural resources, this potential has not been attained,” he said.

“Creation of livestock marketing institutions for value chains in this sector is therefore a must in order to improve the sector. This will enable the county’s meat, milk and hides and skins and other animal products to meet regional and international marketing standards,” he added.

Kilele pledged to put more emphasis on provision of water to his people who are still grappling with food and water shortages. He said under the Ward Equalization fund, he would ensure Sh20 million is allocated in the next financial year for the provision of water in the area.

He noted that persistent water shortages had forced local schools to close down and cited Mwakichuchu Secondary School as an example.

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