Kibra MP Ken Okoth dismisses death rumours

Kibra MP Ken Okoth
Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth on Tuesday afternoon dismissed a "death rumour" that he had died.

The lawmaker, who has been undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer, in a Twitter post rubbished the misinformation doing round on social media saying that he was alive and kicking.

“I'm alive and kicking. Folks should stop killing me before my time with rumours,” he said.

Following his announcement, Kenyans online were quick to offer him support and prayers while condemning the false posts spread on the internet;

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Away from the glare of the fast-paced public life, Ken Okoth has been battling colerectal cancer but still putting on a brave face to work for his people.

Mid-February 2019, the 41 year old admitted that his diagnosis came a little too late but was determined to overcome the illness.

 “I was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer with metastases to the liver,” he told the Standard.

Last year, he was put through vigorous treatment that involved combined radio- and chemotherapy to avert the impending risk of organ failure.

By the time his doctor ordered the advanced scans, the cancer was found at stage four.

It was shocking news to his family considering that the lawmaker will have to take medication for life - a tablet each day.

Okoth admitted that getting treatment for advanced cancer is not easy in the country, a challenge he has had to deal with himself upon recommendation by his doctors in Nairobi.

He was given two options where he could seek advanced care for his liver: the US or Europe. He settled for Europe.

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