Woman denies trafficking charges, released on bond

Mary Mongare, a woman believed to be smuggling and habouring Tanzania foreigners in her house. [Photo: Kipsang Joseph/Standard]
A Nakuru woman was yesterday charged with human trafficking. Mary Mongare was accused of sneaking 16 Tanzanians, including four minors, into the country.

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Josephat Kalo, Ms Mongare denied 32 counts of smuggling and harbouring the foreigners.

“On March 19 at Fire Estate in Nakuru East, being a Kenyan Citizen the accused was found to have smuggled a Tanzanian citizen Daniel Moshi into the country,” read the charge sheet.

She is alleged to have hidden Moshi in her home.

Her charges were in three separate files; two with 10 charges and one with 12.

The prosecution believes Mongare has been benefiting from the foreigners by using them as beggars in Nakuru town. “She has been smuggling and harbouring the foreigners in her house,” the prosecution said.

Among the 16 were seven men and five women. One of the victims was a deaf minor.

“The accused will be released on a total of Sh3 million bond or a cash bail of Sh1.5 million,” ruled Kalo. On Wednesday, the magistrate ordered the repatriation of 24 Tanzanians.

The 16 were among the 24 who the magistrate ordered to be repatriated.

Some of the 24 Tanzanian citizens at Nakuru law courts when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Josephat Kalo on March 20,2019 to answer charges for being in the country illegally [Photo: Kipsang Joseph/Standard]
“I will forgive you but you will be repatriated assisted by the immigration office,” Kalo ruled.

Among them were 12 disabled, 10 women who had infants, 10 men and four minors aged between 12 and 15.

The court was forced to hold its session outside because the whole lot could not fit in the courtroom. The case will be mentioned on Monday.

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