Moi praised for his role in education and pioneering schools across the Country

Cabinet secretary Ministry of Sports ,Culture and Heritage Amb Amina Mohamed (right) presents an award to the top 2018 KCSE students Mathenge Stephanie Kirigo at Moi High school Kabarak during the Moi High school Kabarak 40th Anniversary and and 15th prize and thanks giving day at the school on March 16,2019.Kamweru scored A of 84 points. [Photo:Kipsang Joseph/Standard]

Former president Daniel Moi has been praised for championing education across the country.

Talk about his devotion to shape children’s welfare took the centre stage yesterday during the celebration of Moi High School Kabarak’s 40th anniversary and 15th Prize Giving Day.

Outgoing Education CS Amina Mohamed described former president Moi as one who understood the power of education that has continued to transform the world. “In celebrating this day, we celebrate His Excellency former president Moi’s impeccable legacy and commitment to education,” said the Sports, Culture and Heritage CS.

She said the 40th anniversary by Moi High School-Kabarak marks a milestone, adding that the efforts by its founding father, former president Moi have helped maintain the enduring standards of excellence. “Forty is a significant number, it marks the end of one generation and the beginning of a transition into another phase. Moi High School-Kabarak has maintained the enduring standards of excellence that has established it as a brand of its own, a diamond mark of quality in education,” she said.

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Improved access

Amina said former president Moi’s efforts in championing education are equated to Nelson Mandela’s as they both understood the power of education in transforming the world. “His Excellency president Moi in establishing this school stands as a father of generations and under his cover, many leaders have grown into titans of today. He, like president Mandela, understood the infinite power that education has in transforming our world,” Amina said.

During her 13-month tenure as the CS for Education, Amina said she traversed the country and visited most schools. Most of the schools, she says, were pioneered by the former president.

“This has also improved access to education in arid and semi-arid areas and boosted equality in education,” she said. She lauded the mixed school, saying it has bridged the gap of gender inequality.

“In addition, the school has qualified, competent professional staff and a conducive learning environment that gives the child the motivation to exploit their academic potential. All these combined positive factor have made the school produce top candidates nationally,” she said.

Since the school’s inception 40 years ago, Moi High School-Kabarak has admitted over 10,000 students out of whom over 8,000 have joined both local and overseas universities.

Amina said she will use her new Sports, Culture and Heritage docket to break down the stereotypes that have locked people out of education.

Representing the former president, Baringo Senator Gideon Moi said despite the institution’s humble background it has grown to a fortress of education. He said the former president is satisfied that the mustard seed he sowed 40 years ago has grown into a huge tree with bountiful harvest as seen by the number of professionals in many fields making significant contributions in society.

“Looking back, Moi High School-Kabarak has grown from humble beginning of mabati structures to what it is today – a fortress of education. This is an amazing journey of faith. It is simply exciting,” Gideon said.

He said the new generation might not understand and would find it difficult to imagine what the institution was like for the first students who joined in February 2, 1979. “With calculated baby steps, patience and focus, Moi High School-Kabarak of today is all what my father wished for when he laid the foundation,” he said.

Gideon paid special tribute to all teachers, past and present, who diligently carried the vision of Mzee Moi. He said the teachers understood the dreams of the students, their hopes and fears, and guided them in the quest for knowledge and wisdom.

“In Moi High School-Kabarak, Mzee Moi envisioned every student as a prized individual, each one of them is given room for development in ways commensurate with their interest and ability,” said the lawmaker. He added the former president Moi emphasised on balanced growth between academics, extra-curriculum activities, spiritual, intellectual and physical pursuit that could propel students to excel.

He said the school’s alumni contribute and have made impact in various capacities in a wide range of roles in the community as some hold important positions. He urged the current class of 2019 to continue to improve the school’s performance, adding that it’s their time to enjoy studying in the best school. Through hard work and positive attitude, he said the students will achieve their dreams.

School principal Elisheba Cheruiyot said former president Moi’s efforts in transforming the institution into an academic giant has also transformed lives of many. “The noble idea of starting this school was conceived by His Excellency and has now become a bigger idea where the academic needs for every Kenyan child has been met successfully,” Mrs Cheruiyot said.

She said the school has year in year out lived up to the vision of the founder by instilling a sense of respect and humility. “This year as a school, we are not only celebrating 40 years of God’s faithfulness but also the success of our 2018 candidates ‘The Eagles’ who posted excellent results. The school was the best in KCSE 2018 exam with a mean grade of 10.2,” she said.

Cheruiyot said the record was a major improvement from 2017 class that scored a mean of 9.16. Out of the 330 registered candidates last year, 326 managed a C+ and above, translating to 98.7 per cent securing direct admission to university. She attributed the exemplary performance to discipline, hard work, focus and commitment by the qualified staff and dedicated students.

Kabarak University Vice Chancellor Prof Henry Kiplagat said Moi High School is an extra ordinary project built by a man who was inspired by a lofty purpose. He said former president Moi’s mind through God’s guidance transcend ordinary limitations.

Prof Kiplagat said former president Moi’s vision then and now is to give the Kenyan child quality education in their formative years.

“Mzee’s love for the child made him direct his energy and focus to this school as he dreamt of a school that would cater for the development of an all-round individual who would be capable of fitting into the world,” he said.

Kiplagat, who is also Moi High School Kabarak Executive Director, said the institution is a success story. He said the school patron and the Board of Directors keep the fire burning and the institution shining as they provide sufficient infrastructure and facilitate the improvement of effective and competent human resource.

He urged the continuing students not to party in the success of the previous candidates but each of them should shape his or her own academic destiny by going an extra mile. “Let us live to the mission and vision of Mzee when he established this school four decades ago,” he said.

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