Sang wants Joho to be prosecuted over illicit drugs claims

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang. [David Njaaga/Standard]

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang now wants the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji to prosecute Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and his brother over drug trafficking claims and money laundering claims.

Sang has written a demand letter dated February 28,2019 directed to Haji seeking the prosecution of Hassan Joho and his brother Abubakar Joho over drug trafficking claims within two weeks.

“The media reports that about 100,000 youths in the Coast region are said to be addicted to drugs and President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that the government shall not allow the lives of youths to be destroyed,” said Sang.

Governor Sang said that since 2010, according to the U.S Embassy-Kenya report states that, Kenyan Anti-Narcotics Unit has suspected that Joho was involved in the narcotics trade.

In his letter, he added that due Joho’s political position and financial resources, the Kenyan police is yet to do anything with the evidence 10 years later.

The report according to Sang, asserts that “Joho became Major drug lord mainly after he was elected MP in 2007, allegations were hidden by the arrest of his key allies in connection with drugs trafficking,”

He has requested Haji to exercise his state powers of prosecution against Joho claiming that he is endangering the lives of the young people.

Through lead Counsel Paul Musyimi, Sang has tabled 41 grounds of evidence indicating why Joho and his brother Abubakar Joho should be extradited and prosecuted.

Lawyer Musyimi in the letter said that they have instructions to request Noordin Haji to exercise his powers of prosecution against Joho and charge him with possession of narcotic drugs.

He said that Joho need to be investigated of money laundering, possession and use of proceeds of crime.

“On December 7, 2010, the U.S Embassy in Kenya in a report implicated Joho and his brother Abubakar Joho among dangerous drug traffickers in the country and noted that the two were in charge of a Multi-million dollar drugs trafficking empire,” said Omari.

Sang added that on December 14, 2004 as per the US Embassy Report, Abubakar Joho was the clearing agent and Joho acting as his assistant and business partner for containers that held 1.1 tonne of cocaine in 2004 which were seized in the country having come in vessel docked at Mombasa port.

“The drug cargo entered into Kenya with help of the Joho Brothers as clearing agents and other persons who owned port facilities at the Kilindi port, in Mombasa where the Cargo was seized,” said Omari.

The claims that the cocaine was seized in Malindi, Mombasa (837.5kg) and Nairobi (304Kg) with estimated street value of 80 Million USD and allegedly came from Colombia through Venezuela.

Sang has urged the Haji to commence state prosecution based on the tabled evidence where they have listed 41 grounds why Joho should be extradited to United States to face drug trafficking and money laundering charges within 14 days from the day of the letter.

“We have express instructions to seek authority from the court to for our client to privately prosecute Ali Hassan Joho and his associates for drug trafficking and money laundering activities,” said Lawyer Omari.

He added that Governor Sang believes that it is in public interest and the interest of administration of justice that law enforcement and drugs related to prosecution be strategically targeted at those at the top of supply chain like Joho to save vulnerable youth and the future of Kenya.

In his demand letter, Sang says that Kenyan youths continue to lose their future and die in their prime due to drug trafficking while the authorities continue to entertain Joho’s theatrics and his associates.

“Termites at Work Report and State Erosion in Kenya by Peter Gastrow and war on drugs paint clear state of affairs and blame Joho and his brother as the real actors behind drug trade in Kenya and beyond,” said Sang.

Sang says that at one time on January 14, 2017, Joho faked being arrested by police to cause chaos and get cheap media attention.

He added that however, according to Nelson Marwa, who was at the time Coast regional coordinator said that Joho stormed CID headquarters demanding the release of a suspected drug, baron found with more than three guns at his home.

He said Joho faked merely faked his arrest after police refused to release the suspect.

Meanwhile, Joho has sued Sang and three MPs — Oscar Sudi, Kimani Ichung’wah and Didmus Barasa — for defamation.

Joho sued the four for allegedly spreading lies that he was a drug trafficker. He said they have maliciously and callously used falsehoods, gossip and slanderous language to maximize hatred against him.

Joho said he has never been indicted for a drugs-related offense or raded in illicit drugs and narcotics, as alleged by the accused.

The matter is still pending in courts.