Linturi says that slay queens should not interfere with institutional marriages

Linturi says ‘slay queens’ should not interfere in legal marriages

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi yesterday told the court that slay queens and prostitutes should not be allowed to interfere with the affairs of those who were legally married.

Appearing before Senior Principle Magistrate Isaac Orenge, Mr Linturi, through his lawyer Muthomi Thiankuri, accused Marianne Kitany of dragging her sister’s child into their case to acquire restraining orders.

Linturi said he also had young children who would be left homeless if they are kicked out of his Runda residence, unlike Ms Kitany whose children are above the age of 18.

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He added that Kitany’s claims that she was homeless were untrue because she owned houses in South B, Kileleshwa and Lavington.

Linturi said Kitany wanted to use forged documents to acquire his properties, which she was not entitled to because she was not his wife.

He accused Kitany of relying on fake documents to show that Linturi had divorced his wife so that she could transfer the properties to herself.

According to Thiankuri, the court should set a precedent on the position of marriages and it should not be seen to be breaching it by encouraging adultery.

The lawyer said it was not right for prostitutes to run to courts to acquire orders as if lawful marriages did not exist.

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But Kitany, through lawyer Danstan Omari, said she had been abused while in a domestic relationship with Linturi.

“Kitany has been exploited emotionally, physically and psychologically during the relationship,” said Mr Omari.

He urged the court to uphold an order that is in force barring Linturi from harassing Keitany and evicting her from the Runda residence.

He said the matter that was being heard on Monday was not a divorce matter but a protection against domestic violence.

“The court has jurisdiction to provide orders of protection, whether a complainant is a wife, concubine or slay queen, among others,” said Omari.

He added that courts should restore dignity to women, saying that it would be a great calamity for men to use women and dump them.

Thiankuri, however, urged the court to dismiss Kitany’s application on the grounds that Linturi only had one wife.

“Kitany’s claims that she has been in a domestic relationship with Linturi are false since she has no proof at all,” said Thiankuri.

Omari said the issue of the children’s welfare would be dealt with at the Children’s Court.

A ruling will be delivered on February 1.

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