Central Kenya Governors join Uhuru’s defense

Governors from the Mount Kenya region have dismissed claims that President Uhuru Kenyatta has neglected development of the area that overwhelmingly voted for him.

A section of central Kenya leaders led by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria have insisted that the President has starved development in the region and instead focused on other areas in the country.

In a rebuttal, President Kenyatta termed as washenzi people who perpetrated the narrative saying that he would develop every corner of Kenya.

Nyandarua Governor and Chairman of the Central Kenya Economic Block Francis Kimemia said that President Kenyatta had from the beginning stayed in touch with all the governors from the central region as with other parts of the country when it came to development.

Kimemia emphasised on respecting the Presidency and urged for patience as the Jubilee government rolled out its agenda.

"Leaders making malicious statements on state of inequitable development must understand that you cannot deliver a five-year project in a span of one-year and therefore its abnormal for a section of leaders to mislead the population," he said.

He added that the Uhuru Presidency "must be seen to ensure equitable development across the country."

"All 47 counties have their own individual development programmes running up to 2022 and beyond."

"As elected leaders from central region, we have a clear roadmap of various projects being undertaken with support of the national government while focusing on Big Four agenda."

Kimemia said that as elected leaders from Central Kenya they had a "clear roadmap" of various projects that were ongoing with the support of the national government.

Kimemia said that governors had distanced themselves from 2022 succession politics and were focusing on fulfilling pledges.