Mystery surrounds South Korean woman's death in Nandi

Police in Kapsabet are investigating the death of a South Korean woman whose body was found in her house.

Young J Un, 55, held a South Korean passport that was issued in 2000.

She had lived in Kapsasur, Nandi County, for 10 years.

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County Police Commander Patrick Wambani said the woman lived alone.

Mr Wambani said Young was locally referred to as Lilly Ann Ghatahora.

“There are no signs of forceful entry into her house. Police also found her items intact. Her five dogs were found lying around her body as if waiting for her to get up,” Wambani said.

Wambani said the woman could have been dead since Christmas.

He said a stench emanating from her house alarmed herders who were grazing in her expansive land in Kapsasur.

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Herders alarmed

“We were alarmed because we had not seen her since before Christmas. It is highly unusual for her to keep indoors while at home. She is always outside her house tending to her trees and flowers,” said one herder.

The woman was found dead in her bedroom floor lying next to a table and a chair, where she seemed to have been sitting before falling off.

Officers at the Criminal Investigating Department are currently seeking to establish circumstances under which she died.

“A postmortem examination will be conducted on the body,” said Wambani.

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Wambani added that police had contacted the South Korean Embassy seeking to reach her family.

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