Plans on to reclaim access to L. Naivasha

The county government is now seeking an out-of-court settlement with a private investor over an access road that leads to one of the largest landing beaches in Lake Naivasha.

This is after fishermen from the lake lost a four-year court battle with the investor who owns the parcel of land that leads to Karagita landing beach.

In the ruling, the Court of Appeal stayed an order by the High Court ordering police to close the road and return it to the investor.

According to Governor Lee Kinyanjui, they will hold a joint meeting with the fishermen and the investor and discuss the way forward.

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Kinyanjui said though the road had been used for years as a public corridor, the court had given its ruling, which ought to be respected.

He said in the supplementary budget the county would set aside some funds to buy off the road so that fishermen can continue with their duties without worrying about invasions.

“The road is critical, as it serves not only the fishermen but also hundreds of visitors who tour the beach for leisure,” he said.

Addressing the fishermen at Kamere beach yesterday, the governor said the fishing industry was critical for the economy of Naivasha, noting that the fisher-folk ought to be supported.

“While we respect the order by the court, we will look for the investor and see a way of acquiring the corridor for public use,” he said.

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Kinyanjui said traders selling fish along Nairobi-Nakuru highway would have a modern market.

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