Ward reps push for suckling centres

The Nairobi County Assembly now wants breastfeeding and nursing centres established in all public and licensed establishments in the city.

The MCAs on Tuesday passed a Motion requesting the executive to set up breastfeeding units.

They argued that in the recent past there had been cases of mothers being denied the privilege of breastfeeding due to lack of designated nursing areas.

If adopted, public establishments such as hotels and other businesses will not be able to renew licences unless they set up designated nursing or breastfeeding areas.

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“This assembly resolves that the County Executive moves with speed to ensure all licensed county public establishment and county public service delivery points designate conducive nursing/breastfeeding areas with its enabling policy as a requirement and condition for licence renewal by the County Government of Nairobi City,” read the Motion tabled by nominated MCA Doris Kanario.

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