Should Parliament impeach Rotich over tax on fuel products?

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich. [File, Standard]
When the price of bread goes up, it is strictly the bread that is affected, nothing else. But that is never the case with petrol. Any time the price of fuel goes up, you can be sure that the cost of practically everything else will rise. In these hard economic times, those are the factors that should have been considered. When Parliament sat and deliberated on the matter, it must have considered the larger picture that Henry Rotich failed to factor in.

Ensconced in his posh office, with all the perks that come with it, Mr Rotich is out of touch with reality. The common man in the village is bearing the brunt of a government that is not people-centric; a government that only caters for the needs of the well to do in society. This is the biggest pointer that the Big Four agenda was sensational. It was never planned for. For President Uhuru Kenyatta to leave a legacy, the common man must be robbed of his meagre resources. This is insensitive of a government that claims to serve us equally.

We all know it is the responsibility of Parliament to legislate, and that the laws are binding on everyone.

When Parliament voted to suspend the fuel tax, Rotich should have just gone by that. Ignoring Parliament and going ahead to effect the levy was impunity and must be punished. Did Rotich get the Presidents node? Should that be the case, then Rotich and Uhuru ought to be impeached.

Mr Kadivira is a businessman in Kakamega town.

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