Waititu, Nyoro fallout again two months after truce

Kiambu Governor Ferdiard Waititu and his deputy James Nyoro. [George Njunge/Standard]
Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and his deputy James Nyoro have fallen out just two months after they set aside their differences and promised to work together.

Mr Nyoro called a press conference yesterday to announce that nothing had changed between him and Mr Waititu since the June 11 truce brokered by Senator Kimani Wamatangi.

He said things had actually worsened as the two leaders continued to trade accusations.

After the June meeting in Nairobi, Waititu and Nyoro told Kiambu residents they had ironed out their differences and teamed up to deliver life-improving services.

But yesterday, Nyoro termed the truce fake.

"The governor and I have never met or discussed anything pertaining to the management of county affairs since the day we agreed to bury the hatchet," said Nyoro.

"The county is heading in the wrong direction. There is very little to show, in terms of development, for the one year this county government has been in office.

"The county receives Sh13 billion annually - money that, if well utilised, will go a long way in transforming the county and its people."

Nyoro said the county government has been rocked by mismanagement of funds.

"This was evidenced by the recent move by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to slap the county government with huge fines for late remittance of employees' income taxes."

The KRA is demanding Sh120 million from the county in fines and accrued interest, an expense residents will bear.

"Some county government staff have not received their salaries since May. This is a sure indication that there is lack of prudent management of resources by the county government. Time has come for us to address these issues. We must ensure systems that have been put in place are working,” he said.

Nyoro accused the governor of only being keen to gain political mileage from major projects, including markets funded by the World Bank, by pretending he was the brains behind them.

“If the market is being built by the World Bank, tell the residents as much. Let him tell the residents what the county government has done. The governor should be telling the people how he intends to uplift their welfare economically and socially," said Nyoro.

Radio stations

"The governor is running the county through the media, particularly vernacular radio stations, where he hopes to paint a picture that all is well."

Nyoro’s remarks came after Waititu on Tuesday accused him of only being keen on being treated like the governor of Kiambu.

"Many Kenyans do not even know who deputy governors are. Why does Nyoro want to be given special treatment? He cannot be treated like a governor," said Waititu.

"Everyone knows the mandate of the seat he vied for. And he was not forced to vie for it. If you are a deputy governor, then that is all you are. You cannot be a deputy governor who is equivalent to the governor. The position you vied for is the one belong to you,” the governor said.

He also accused his deputy of inciting county government staff to paint his administration in bad light.

But Nyoro denied inciting staff and residents against the county administration.

"He talks about his leadership prowess because he is the governor. Sadly, I have no way to prove my leadership abilities because he never leaves me in charge when he travels out of the country," Nyoro said, adding he would continue to expose any rot in the county government.

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