70-year-old man hacked to death and burnt in Kilifi

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A family in Mayowe village, Ganze sub-county, is living in fear after their father was attacked and burnt to death before six of their houses were torched.

Chivatsi Mzungu, 70, was attacked on June 2 by people known to him after the burial of a relative who had earlier been hacked to death.

Mzungu, a father of six and grandfather to 16, was a village elder.

According to his son Jackson Chai, Mzungu was killed after neighbours linked the murder of a woman to his family. “My aunt Loice Ndaa was hacked to death by unknown people on May 30. We took her to hospital but she died. During her burial on June 2, the funeral programme was halted for some time after one of her sons took to the podium and declared she would not be buried until her killers are brought to book,” said Chai.

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He said a neighbour confessed to killing Ndaa. "He said he had been paid by our family. He was arrested and later released. The following day after burial they killed our father,” he said.

Janet Chivatsi, who witnessed the killing of her father, asked the Government to assure them of their security.

Ganze OCPD Patrick Ngeiywa said police had arrested two people in connection to the killings and were pursuing others.

Both families have since fled their homes. Two houses belonging to the late Loice remain locked, while all that is in Mzungu's home is remains of the burnt houses.

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