Why police officer shot dead his bosses

An officer shot dead his two seniors and injured two colleagues after he was disciplined for reporting to work drunk, a court heard.

Investigating officer Evans Wesonga told court Mark Mbogo snatched a rifle from a colleague and used it to kill Deputy OCS Inspector Hudson Orwenyo and Senior Sergeant John Koros on March 26, 2011 in Kieni East.

“He shot them in the chest and injured James Kiogora and Margaret Imathiu,” Wesonga, one of the four officers who testified yesterday, told High Court judge Justice Teresia Matheka.

The officers were formerly attached to Narumoru Police Station, the scene of the incident.

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Mbogo has denied two counts of murder and two additional counts of attempted murder.

Wesonga said Mbogo later escaped towards Nanyuki before a multi-agency team arrested him “aboard a Nairobi-bound matatu. We monitored his movement using his mobile phone”.

On interrogation, Wesonga said, Mbogo admitted to committing the offence, saying he was angered by the disciplinary action. The court heard that five and seven used cartridges were found at scenes where Koros' and Orwenyo’s bodies lay respectively. Hearing continues on October 8.

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